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A lighthearted and humorous approach to the varying fantastic and supernatural realms and beings as they intersect with a not so defenseless or unsuspecting mortal world.
(short stories/novellas)

Dreamer No. 1: A Bit(e) of Discretion, Please

     Caught in the act of being a supernatural creature, Stuart, a former Prince of the Dreaming has been brought into mortal custody. As part of his sentence, he's required to perform public service duties, assisting other supernaturals and gifted mortals in solving cases of an other worldly nature. Armed with only a fraction of his faerie glamour, and an intense passion for tea, Stuart partners with a young spiritualist to resolve a case of missing souls. 

Dreamer No. 2: A Little Night Magic

     Stuart, reluctant civil servant and faerie, struggles with a case of missing mortal men. Getting nowhere on his own, his colleagues Mei Lin, an ancient spiritualist in a child's body, and Daniel, a rebellious vampire, are sent to assist. It will require more than a cup of tea and limited faerie charms to resolve the mystery as it reels Stuart and his partners into a dangerously magical performance at the opera. 

Dreamer No. 3: All the Tea in Chinatown

     Stuart, temporarily lost Prince of the Dreaming, caught in the act of being a faerie and sentenced to civil service assisting mortals against other supernatural perpetrators, is assigned to a case of peculiar disturbances in Chinatown. Together with his frequent partners, the ever-jaded vampire Daniel, and the persistently hungry spiritualist Mei Lin, Stuart is faced with mystical beasts that may only be figments of his imagination, a missing baby, and the harrowing prospect of bad tea.

Dreamer No. 4: Four and Twenty Tengu

     Convicted of magical mischief by a mysterious human agency, Stuart, onetime Prince of the Dreaming, remains in public service to mortals, using his faerie abilities to help crack cases of a supernatural variety. When a village reports a series of random thefts, he's on assignment once again. Accompanied by Mei Lin and Daniel, Stuart begins the investigation at a derelict shrine in the mountains, determined to wrap it up in time for a tea ceremony. When the trio realizes they've walked into the middle of a territorial struggle between otherwordly forces, it's no holds barred for a high stakes game of wheeling and dealing, and body snatching.

Dreamer No. 5: Man's Best Fiend

There's no rest for those who have been deemed wicked.  Assigned to apprehend a rogue werewolf on a havoc spree, Stuart, Daniel, and Mei Lin have enough on their plate for one night.  When night determines to hang around longer than usual, bringing with it a horde of zombies on a slow yet ghoulishly determined path toward a defenseless town, the faerie, vampire, and spiritualist agents will have to put up an otherworldly effort to restore order.


Dreamer No. 6: Djinn and Tonic

Coming Soon



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