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Grotesque No. 5

Of good and evil, the better was life.
The two were tried for their natural curiosity.
The unrealistically balanced and returned,
Can you enter tonight?
Please enter after a story.

What to be and misuse of time about being?
See the typing trinity;
There to file it out, and in;
To scroll through years on end, as disciplined as any.
A number with eyes and length,
Gathered lifestyles, finer items displayed well,
Happy to stray all at once from given accidents. 

Even in the temperament of places her home was isolation
A dragon of gold thread was all the company she could get.
She couldn't see her natural fear of it.   
She looked longer and it smiled.  

Life had always come across him, eager for his voice.
If only he had arrived.
In silence, he and his replied,
“No ancient mind must exit.
The masses have seen enough.
Their young have more to learn.”

She was glad to age.     
She smiled to him before proceeding to a modest hallway lined with space
“Thank you much.”
No good-bye had come.            
And it pushed her on alone.
Incredibly in this there had been a reminder.
And from it there came the will to be.

Poetry "Grotesque No. 5" Copyright ©  T.A. Miles

Original Artwork "Cosmic Umbilical Snap", used under license by CC,
Derivation "Grotesque No. 5" by T. A. Miles


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